Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm Not Writing about Mojang Being Sued!

You probably have already heard that Mojang is being sued by Bethesda for using the name Scrolls for an upcoming video game. Which is why I'm not writing about something you are already aware of. Instead, I plan on telling you about a cool game similar to Minecraft. While I play awesome games that include a lot of killing, explosions, blood, magic and piƱatas. I do enjoy sandbox games from time to time. I have recently gotten on a Minecraft binge, and when notch posted on twitter about an interesting game that he totally couldn't fund I went out and pledged a good 10 dollars to the developer.
The game is called Lords of Uberdark and it is made by Aaron Bishop, an indie game developer. His best known games are Egoboo and SoulFu, both games I plan on taking a look into. Lords of Uberdark is a mining game with beautiful graphics, anyone who has played Minecraft knows that its always nice to look at the wonderful algorithmically generated scenery. It might be nice to see some of that scenery that isn't pixelated and blocky. While I still plan on playing Minecraft, I have pledged 10 dollars to this project and when he reaches the goal of 20 thousand dollars, I will receive the game starting in alpha. The alpha begins on August 10th unless it gets moved, and pledging $10 at will get you the alpha version, as well as all versions thereafter.

The game is still very much in development and pledging the 10 dollars now will allow you the privilege of being one of the few alpha testers. Who doesn't love being able to say they have been with a game since alpha? The Kickstarter Project will end on August 7th at 9PM EDT, He is very close to the goal amount of pledges but if he is unable to reach 20 thousand dollars by then the game will not be funded. If you pledge toward the project and it does not reach 20 thousands dollars then you will not be charged.
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May's Blog Updates Never Happened

You may be asking yourself (and probably aren't) "What happened to that awesome blog I used to enjoy every time it was updated?" "Wasn't it supposed to undergo a lot of major updates during the spring?" "Why do I ask myself questions that I couldn't possibly know the answers to?" Well the answers to those questions are quite simple:
  • It is finally back... probably
  • It totally didn't!
  • You're crazy.
When I say the blog is back, this time i totally mean it. More key pressing, more blog posting, more video game thingies, and no more silly updates that I totally can't go through with!

 I'm gonna go write an actual blog post now, probably one about a video game.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Okay, so i haven't exactly been active recently but it is spring, which means several things. First thing that happens in spring is stuff starts to pop up everywhere, pretty little flowers and stuff. Second comes warmer weather, stuff gets hotter. Finally comes rain which washes up all the crud and makes you want to stay inside.
 Bob's Pretty Little Flowers
Flowers are pretty, I have been over this. They are a special little gem in a field of green grass. I will be posting a gem that I find online every day. This post will be called The Daily Awesome, and will basically be the most awesome thing you will ever see that day. Stuff gets put on the net every day and some of it is beyond amazing. Remember when you saw that cute dog on a skateboard or when people found out that Mentos candies and Pepsi like each other a bit too much? That is the very essence of the Daily Awesome.
Bob's Hot Weather
The second post every day will be a good bit more heated than some pretty flowers. When I get angry I let people know. If I have something to say people will hear it. When I have something to say I rant! The second daily post will be named The Rant of the Day. I will rant about my views on a topic of interest. Whether that topic be related to gaming, current events or all out geekdom, you can bet it will get pretty heated.
Bob's Gonna Play Inside
If it rains I stay inside. If I am inside I'm normally playing video games. The third daily post will be a video game related post called The Flaming Gay-mer, a post where I share my gaming ventures with the world. Each post will include screenshots, and talk about all out awesome stuff that happened in-game.
These are only a few of the things to come to this site. I have plans for a few other themed regularly posted topics. Stay tuned for all the awesome things to come.
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Hello Blog, Long Time No Posts!

Wait a minute, I have a blog? You wouldnt know it from the frequency of the posts.  The last time I posted was back in November. I want to start posting on this again, so I will. This time I will be much more frequent than before. I may go as far as posting three or more times a day and even promoting this thing a bit more.
I have been sucked in to my video games once again and I know it to be unhealthy the way I become addicted to my games so quickly so I need an outlet for non-game activity that I find enjoyable. Bob is Awesome is back!